My Favourite Posts

New Direction: this is when I turned hyperblogianism into a humour blog/character exercise instead of the aimless banality that it started out as.  The links to Noah's blog still work, but he deleted all of his blog posts, so you don't bother following them.

An Evening With Sir Headolence: I tell a story about a typical boys'-night-out with Noah.

Dr. Seuss Was an A-Hole: Operation Seuss Puncher.

It's a Miracle!  (It's Hamtastic!): My conversion to Judaism.

Interviewing a Robot: I sit down for a frank discussion with Cleverbot.

At the Risk of Being Unpopular: I explain why some of the best-loved classic rock bands suck ass.

Doppelganger?  More like Notpelganger!  Am I Right: I do NOT look like Kevin Smith!

Rock and a Hard Place Rewrite: I rewrite the script for the classic indie film "Rock and a Hard Place"

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